Pick Your World

And Adventure!

VR Escape Room Challenge

An Epic Challenge Awaits You and
Your Friends!

Solve The Escape Room With the Best
Time with your Team For a Chance to WIN a BIG Cash Prize!

Alice in Wonderland VR

Part of a Youth Group?
Or Looking for some regular fun with your Staff?

New Membership
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Added: 02/20/2021

Win$200 Cash!

Added: 02/20/2021
Added: 02/20/2021

NEW Loyalty App

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Call for Details!

Exciting New Games & Services!

Added: 11/18/2020
Added: 11/07/2020


2 Hours / Month + 25% OFF Hour Sessions!

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We take the stress out of planning parties so everyone can have fun!

Added: 07/10/2020

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