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Your Safety is Our Top Priority!

We are committed to everyone's health and safety! Therefore, with all the additional changes to the new world we live in today, we have implemented some new protocols to ensure extended safety to all our guests and staff who visit Soulvaria VR!

Note: Some protocols are only in effect while mandated to be by the Government.

Touch Point Cleaning


Touch Point Cleaning

We take pride in providing a very clean environment and with all the extra precautions we have added additional cleaning measures to all touch point areas throughout the VR Centre. Keeping our VR Centre in clean checks after each and every VR session.



Hand Sanitation

There is a hand sanitizing station at the entrance to our VR center, which we ask that you use when entering and exiting our VR Centre.

Mask Wearing


Mask Wearing

Please wear a mask while sitting at our tables or at the reception area, as wearing a mask will help minimize the spread of contagions. If you do not have a mask or if you forget to bring one we will have masks to purchase at our reception desk.

Note: This is only in effect while mandated by the Government.



Vinyl Front Walls


We do not require you to wear a mask once you are inside the VR rooms, as we have covered the front of the space with Transparent Vinyl to create individualized rooms. However, Once your VR session is over we ask that you place your mask back on.

Vinyl Front Walls


Advanced Cleanbox Technology

Clean Box Logo 2

We pride ourselves on keeping a very clean VR centre, especially during these times. Which is why we invested in Cleanbox Technology. Cleanbox is a premium, smart hygiene solution for VR centres. It uses lab tested medical grade UVC lights to destory Viruses, bacteria and fungi with a 99.99% efficacy!

Cleanbox eliminates the need for heat or toxins in the decontamination process, protecting electronics, the user and the environment. All our VR headsets are placed in the cleanbox after use.



Top Rated Disinfectant

In addition to the Cleanbox. We have also upgraded our disinfectant we use to a powerful 1 minute kill time champion, Oxivir TB, which we use on all our the VR peripherals. This cleaner is also non-corrosive and non- irritating to skin, but has been proven for use in medical establishments, health care & institutional facilities, food processing establishments, dental clinics, veterinary hospitals and animal care facilities. 

Oxivir Tb
Touch Point Cleaning

Note: Oxivr TB, has also been listed on Government of Canada's List of disinfectants with evidence for use against COVID-19.

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