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VR Escape Rooms

Players in our VR escape rooms solve puzzles just as they would in traditional escape rooms. However, upon entering the VR realm players will find themselves in astonishing environments, surrounded by fantastical sights and sound — doing things they could never do in a real room!

Group Activity - Team Building - Puzzle Adventure

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Our Escape Rooms Can be Played TWO WAYS

Icon 1 - Multi VR
Arcade Play Space

Play Choice One


In this immersive virtual experience, you and your teammates will be equipped with a VR headset and controllers; separated physically in your own individual 8ft x8ft VR Play Space. When playing together you will see the virtual version of each other and communicate via built in voice chat, which will feel as if through you're in the same room as them. The escape rooms experienced here are truly unparalleled as we partnered with the worlds best, escape room developers, ARVI VR!

Experience with 2 to 6 Players

11 Different Worlds to Explore

$32.99 / 1 HOUR - PP

Icon 1 - Multi VR
Free Roam Arena

Play Choice Two


Our free-roam virtual reality arena lets you explore virtual worlds like you do in real life by physically walking around your environment. You and your friends will traverse in the same large 20ft x20ft space while wearing the VR headsets — adding a sense of realism, while you adventure and explore our unique escape room experiences! Our VR pioneer partner, VRCAVE, has truly outdone themselves with their unique Free Roam VR Escape Rooms!

Experience with 2 to 7 Players

6 Different Worlds to Explore

$32.99 / 1 HOUR - PP

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