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Friday, May 24th at 4:00pm

Where: This Years Capercon at C200

Smash Tournament.png



Please Note: Our Smash Tournament is a mixed age event. Which means there is no age requirement and there is no
maximum age requirement. All players under 13 must be registered and accompanied by adults.


Our Super Smash Bros Tournament will be played as a 1-VS-1 game for all ages. The tournament will be 3 STOCKS with an 8 MINUTE TIMER on select stages. The tournament mode is initially set to DOUBLE ELEMINATION matches, which means you need to LOSE TWICE to be out.


The tournament will be made up of BEST OF  3 format until the TOP 8, where all matches will then change to BEST OF 5. As a Soulvarian Perk, will will be providing pre-registered players a space to practice in our Mana Lounge for a discounted rate of 50% off. This means you can come in and play any day we are open for only $10 an hour before the tournament date.

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