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This is the reason your mom always told you to pay attention in school! Unnecessary Inventions, a game inspired by the hit social media sensation, challenges players to come up with creative, innovative ( and ridiculous) solutions to common , everyday problems ( that most people don't really care about). Be the player with the most invention cards at the end of game play to win the top spot. Happy Inventing!!GET CREATIVE: Unnecessary Inventions is a card game that turns players into their own inventors and brings out everyone's creativity, while getting friends & family together for a fun game night or gathering.HOW TO PLAY: Draw an invention card and read it aloud to all players. Then flip over the 2-minute timer and start inventing! Solve the Invention-Time problem, coming up with your own invention’s name, description, and a drawing of the invention.WHAT'S IN THE BOX?! Each game comes with everything needed for over 70 rounds of fun: 74 invention time cards, 6 dry-erase pens, 6 dry-erase boards, and a 2 minute sand timer.

Unnecessary Inventions

SKU: 05-0048
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