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PRE-REGISTRATION: is a recommended in order to secure the tournament date. If we do not have enough pre-registered players , the tournament could be postponed and moved to a later date. 


- Our membership portal by clicking the "signup today" button.

- At our reception desk during operational hours 11:00am to 9:00pm [ All week ]

- Pay via e-transfer to: [ be sure to note your full name in the transfer ]

Pre-Register Below for, Pending

Thank you for registering!

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$15.00+hst / to Play

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Soulvaria Trivia Nights | PENDING


Good luck contender!

Our Trivia Night can be competed in groups of 1 - 4. Please be respectful to the host of the trivia and everyone around you. No using your phone, and this event will be subject to capacity.


The trivia this week will be STAR WARS themed. The questions for the trivia will range from easy to hard questions. There will be 40 questions in total spanning from everything canon in STAR WARS. All 9 Skywalker saga movies, TV Shows, and games. In the event of a tie after all 40 questions are asked we will have 3 tiebreaker questions that will be harder than all the rest. 

So, brush up on your STAR WARS knowledge and may the force be with you on this evening of exploring the galaxy with us!

Please Note: Our Trivia Night is a dry event. Which means there is no alcohol at this event. Making it available to younger audiences 16 and up. 



Soulvaria is located at 37 Nepean St Suite 303, Sydney This tournament will be taking place between "two rooms" the Mana Lounge, which is Soulvaria's Board Game & Console Room, as well as the New Dawn Board Room. Both Rooms are right beside one another with ease of access between both. We will also be providing a fully staffed concession counter in the VR Arcade portion of Soulvaria, with plenty of candy, bars chips, and popcorn as well as plenty of non-alcoholic beverages.

Prize Pool Details:


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Third Place |
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