Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet the Medic – be the Medic and operate on the Heavy!

Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet The Medic


Open Heart Surgery!?

You’re leaning over a strangely familiar patient in dire need of a brand new heart, alongside an operating table full of terrifying implements you’d hoped never to have to pick up for yourself. What will you do? Which one will you reach for first? The bonesaw, or a sandvich…?

Now, you have the chance to get truly ‘hands-on’ and test your backstreet surgery skills in VR. Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet the Medic, allows you to step into the shoes of Team Fortress 2’s, The Medic, where only you can save The Heavy as his life ebbs away before your very eyes.

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by Bossa Studios

Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet The Medic
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