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Just $5.00+hst / to Play Each Day



This is required in order to secure the events date. If we do not have enough pre-registered players, the event could be postponed and moved to a later date.


- Our membership portal by clicking the "signup today" button.

- At our reception desk during operational hours 11:00am to 9:00pm [ All week ]

- Pay via e-transfer to: [ be sure to note your full name in the transfer ]

Pre-Register Here / Pay via Portal Link Below

Good luck contender!


Please Note: Our Smash Rivals are a mixed age event. Which means there is no age requirement and there is no
maximum age requirement. All players under 13 must be registered and accompanied by adults.

Smash Rivals: Signet Battles is a NEW way to play, have fun, compete, and form community! It's a unique and custom game mode created by Soulvaria and designed to foster and grow skillsets, encourage training, and allow players to compete in a more relaxed setting. It also encourage the play of "Friendly Casuals".

While playing you will rank up, rank down, and even hold challenging titles to gain FREE Entry into our monthly tournaments! The max number of players per day is set to 16, so registration is important!

It takes place over the course of 3 days a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, players do not have to attend every event, however, we do encourage players to play as much as possible, and treat it as a place of hangout to develop community and sharpen one's own skills to be a better tournament player. You will be playing along side some of the best Smash players in Cape Breton Island!

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Players come in and play casuals, and compete against one another in friendly casuals duels. However, there is a twist: 


Each player is given a "Rival Signet", each day. Rival signets are used to put up in a "Rival Match". 

Rival Matches are executed by the two players with a consensus agreement (verbal, handshake, etc).

When a "Rival Match" happens the two players are competing to steal one another's signets away. 


When a player collects enough signets (the number depends on their tier level), they will "Rank Up" to the next ranking tier level. See below for Tier Ranking and Signet Requirements. However, when a player "loses all their signets" and is unable to secure at least one by the end of the day, they will rank down.


Tier Ranking & Signet Requirements

Below is the following Tier Level for Rival Ranks, as well as their Signet Requirements there are four categories of Ranking:

Bottom Levels

Tier Rank: Iron


Everyone starts at this level, this level requires 3 Iron Signets or Higher to Rank UP.

Tier Rank: Bronze


This level requires 3 Bronze Signets or Higher to Rank UP.


Middle Levels

Middle Levels

Tier Rank: Silver


This level requires 5 Silver Signets or Higher to Rank UP.

Tier Rank: Gold


This level requires 5 Gold Signets or Higher to Rank UP.


High Levels

Tier Rank: Platinum


This level requires 7 Platinum Signets or Higher to Rank UP.

Tier Rank: Legendary


This level requires 7 Legendary Signets or Higher to Rank UP.


Pro Levels

Tier Rank: Mythic


This level requires 7 Mythic Signets or Higher to Rank UP.

Tier Rank: Celestial


This level requires 7 Celestial Signets or Higher to Rank UP.


Tier Rank: God


This level requires 1 God Signet to Rank UP.

Ranking Rules

Players do not have to accept rival matches, until they rank at middle level tiers. Any tier level past this MUST ACCEPT a rival match when challenged.

Rival matches are the only way to Rank Up.

Players can only challenge the same player twice per day.

Tier Jumping

Players can beat the odds and "Jump Ranks" by challenging a "2 tier" or higher ranked player and taking one of their higher level signets. (I.e. Iron level versus a Celestial level.)


However, when a player does this they will lose all of their other signets currently held, and if they lose the higher level signet they will rank down to their last rank held during the day. If they hold the higher rank until the end of the day, they will solidify their status and only rank down to the next rank down from the current one held upon defeat.

God Tier Status / Pro Levels

God tier status, will always receive free entry into our smash tournaments and they will also receive 25% off VR Arcade, Pixel Lounge and Cyber Lounge services at Soulvaria so long as the title is held.  In addition to this they will also receive once a month a Free VR Arcade Session, Free Pixel Lounge and Free Cyber Lounge Session credited to their account.

All pro levels will be demoted to Legendary, if the player does not show up for more then 3 days in a row.

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