We wouldn't be possible without you!

So we want to reward you with the advantages you deserve!

Loyalty Rewards

You can earn FREE time at Soulvaria VR, thanks to our rewarding loyalty program!

Collect stamps as you play on your loyalty card!

- Receive a Loyalty Stamp for each half hour of time bought

- Collect
10 Stamps and redeem your card for a FREE one hour session!

- Once your card is
redeemed grab a new one and start collecting again!

How It Works!

Non-Membership Advantage


Yep, it's that easy!

Loyalty Card | Collects "Loyalty Stamps"

Pick up Your Loyalty Card Today!
Your First Stamp is

Game On

Membership Loyalty Token's

Membership Advantage

As a Game On Member you earn even more rewards by taking advantage of your membership card Loyalty Token Stamps!

Just like our regular loyalty card, you will earn stamps for 30 minute session time purchases! 

Membership Card | Collects "Loyalty Token Stamps"

Membership cards are also eligible for Referral Stamps

Details about our Referral Program can be found here:


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