Playing together is better!

So we want to reward you for sharing the experience!

Referral Rewards

You can earn free time at Soulvaria VR with our Referral Program, and even a permanent bonus to your membership!

Your Advantages

Your Membership Card

Get Your Card Today!

- Refer a friend and receive a Referral Stamp.

- Each Referral Stamp collected can be redeemed for a free thirty VR minute session.

- Once you reach 4 referred friends, redeem the card for an additional half hour of time with your membership every month!

How It Works!


- 30 minute upgrade is limited to one addon, can not be combined.

- If the membership is cancelled the Deliverance Membership is void and the membership holder must refer 4 more be upgraded.

- Members referred must have never been on a membership before.


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