Next-Gen Hardware

Our VR Headsets

At Soulvaria, we believe that HTC and Valve offer the best possible VR experience, and we only want the best for our guests!  So we've got you covered with the latest and greatest VR equipment that HTC and Valve has to offer, the HTC Vive. The HTC Vive is a VR helmet or head mounted display (HMD) that acts as the medium to the virtual world. It is the first-of-its-kind virtual reality platform designed for absolute total immersion in virtual worlds. Using the HMD and wireless controllers, you can explore and interact with VR experiences, apps and games that blur the line between imagination and reality.

Tracking system

Display technology




2160×1200 (1080×1200 per eye

PenTile OLED

Lighthouse (2 base stations emitting pulsed IR lasers)

470 grams

Front-facing camera - enabling users to view the external world and a key component of the devices 'chaperone' safety system.

Our VR Computers

Our HTC Vive's wouldn't be capable of offering next-generation performance and graphical power without the incredible speed and performance that our VR-ready computers offer. Built for next-generation VR entertainment, our high-perforamce Alienware gaming systems are truly optimized to ensure total immersion, free from lag and glitches; rendering a smooth and enjoyable virtual experience in every session.

Processor (CPU)

Graphics Card (GPU)


Power Supply

Hard-drive (HDD/SDD)

Intel Core i7-7700K Processor (4-Cores, 8MB Cache)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 with 8GB GDDR5X

16GB DDR4 2400MHz

850W PSU Liquid Cooled Chassis

128GB M.2 SATA SSD + 2TB 7200RPM, SATA 6Gb/s

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