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Soulvaria Hangouts is an organized community get together for VR gaming enthusiasts.

Once a month on a chosen Wednesday, at 5:00pm we will set aside a total of 3 hours of VR gaming for 6 registered participants, where they can experience, play, and socialize about a single pre-chosen VR title. With each new month a different title will be chosen to play, and everyone will be encouraged to play together and be linked up in voice chat.

Soulvaria Hangouts is all about hanging out with your friends, meeting new friends and creating a community to have fun in!


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This Months Hangout Game

- Battlewake -

Battlewake is a pirate ship combat game that seems to have it all; not only does it boast a campaign for both solo and two-player co-op, but also online PvP and a co-op 'ongoing missions' mode—certainly nothing to sneeze at in terms of a VR game.

In co-op, players work together to complete objectives in dynamic warfare mode (up to 4 players), or embrace the pirate's life in free-for-all player-versus-player deathmatch (up to 10 players). You can arm your ship with 13 different ship-based weapons that draw inspiration from naval battles, real and imagined.


Feedback BONUS ------

At the end of the Hangout, you also will be given the opportunity to provide valued feedback on the game you played. Doing so will place your name in a draw for a chance to win VR time! 

Space is Limited to 6 Participants. Be sure to Pre-Register Today!

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Wednesday, March 25th

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