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Introducing our all new Game On membership! 

This new and exciting membership comes with a spoonful of benefits! Not only do you receive time and discounts at our VR centre to use each month, but you also receive Perk Incentives, for just being subscribed every 30 days.

Game On Membership Includes the following:


Standard Benefits

- Members will receive
 2x 1 Hour VR Sessions to use each month.

- Can use one
1x hour towards VR Escape Rooms.

- Members will receive 25% OFF additional 1 hour VR sessions purchased while subscribed.

- Members collect unique stamps called
Loyalty Token Stamps, and will get 2x loyalty Token Stamps on first sign up and upon every membership renewal.


Plus Taxes

Perk Incentives

- Remaining
Subscribed as a Member each month or purchasing more time allows you to collect Loyalty Token Stamps (stamped on the back of your Members card), which can be built up to earn exciting rewards and VR time, details on this can be found below in our Rewards Page.

- Staying a Member for
6 consecutive months in a row earns you a 6M Loyalty Badge, which can be traded in for an All You Can Play VR Pass.

- Members also get a
FREE 30 minute VR session on their birthday!

Note: Must visit us on their birthday to to use the time, can not save the time)

Game On Membership

+2 Loyalty Token Stamps 

Be sure to pick up your Membership ID CARD, once you finish subscribing to our Game On Membership. You can pick up your members card at our reception desk, during our operational hours.

This card will be used to assist in quickly looking up your membership account, as well as keeping track of your stamped rewards!

Be sure to Pick up your Membership Card!

Loyalty Tokens for Game On Members!

Get even more rewards, for being a Soulvarian member faster. Just like our regular loyalty program, you will receive stamps for purchasing time! Receive a stamp for every 30 minute session purchased! You will also receive stamps every month for just staying subscribed!

Check our our
Rewards Page for more details!


Membership Policy & Restrictions

- 3 Month Commitment Required

- Valid for use
Any Day of Week | During Operational Hours.

- Time and Discounts can be shared, so long as the Member Holder gives permission.

- Must call or visit in person to book using membership time & discounts.

- Time not used each month can be credited to your account for later use.

- Memberships are
set to auto renewal each month.

- Memberships can be canceled (after the 3 month commitment), existing time credits expire if membership is cancelled (this includes perk incentives).

- No refunds on memberships purchased.

- Memberships discounts
can not be stacked with store promotions unless specifically stated in the promotion.

- Space is not guaranteed, as we have limited VR-Ready Play Spaces, so we suggest to book ahead of time.

- Loyalty Badge counter
 resets if the subscription is not renewed (all stamps will be void)

- If membership is desired to be
canceled, but rolls over via auto renewal without being cancelled there is no refund, member accounts must be monitored by the members.

- If a membership card is lost, we are unable to lookup the Loyalty Token stamps received.


- Specialty rewards can be stored to be used at a later time (limited to one redemption a month).

- 25% OFF 1 hour sessions can not be used towards Escape Rooms.


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