VR Escape Rooms

Immersive Multiplayer Puzzle Adventures!

We’ve got Cape Breton's exclusive contracts with the best developers in the world ARVI VR!


With many VR Escape Room's and counting as more come out we are teeming with puzzle and survival adventures to explore with your friends!

Imagine yourself as a part of an offbeat game that challenges your strength and team spirit, tests your wits, and immerses you in the extremely realistic atmosphere. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Get into the most exciting and challenging VR Escape Rooms and discover interactive and adventurous scenarios. Our games have something for everyone, so people who are into complex puzzles, experts in cutting-edge technologies, or just fans of escape room games will have a great time.


VR Escape Games feature various game-based experiences improved by virtual reality technology. Players should find their way out by solving diverse puzzles and unraveling versatile mysteries.

VR Escape Games go beyond typical live escape rooms as VR technology expands human capabilities, allowing players to fully immerse in a game and enjoy the exceptional atmosphere. Every game has its unique plot that develops according to the actions of a line-up.

What are VR Escape Rooms?

Our Escape Rooms Titles


Plus Taxes

Players - 2-6 | Difficulty - Medium

During a walk in the park, you found a portal that leads to the mysterious world. An amazing sanctuary populated by animals appears in front of you. But how do you get back?

To find the way home, you have to solve a series of puzzles and explore the mysterious world of flying islands.

Players - 1-6 | Difficulty - Medium

You were planning an unforgettable vacation trip with your friends. However, you did not expect it to turn into a survival quest. Lightning struck the plane and it crashed next to a small uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean.

The cockpit transmitter is malfunctioning and doesn't let you tune it to the radio wave you need to call for salvation. Who knows how long you will have to wait until the search team finds you ... In the meantime, you are shocked, frightened and suffering from hunger. There are no supplies and nothing but wild nature around you. The weather is getting worse and you need a place to hide. Use your critical thinking to survive. Investigate what can be found on the island and how it can help you to stay alive.

The connection with the secret research station “Asgard”, orbiting the Earth, was unexpectedly lost five hours ago. Later on the station moved to a fading orbit. It is just one hour left until “Asgard” will enter the atmosphere of our planet. If the station falls on Earth, it will lead to millions of victims. You are a part of emergency team that has to restore the operability of the station systems, required to correct the orbit. To make this possible, your consciousness will be digitally integrated into the experimental model of engineer robots, which luckily are now being tested on another orbital station close by. What is hidden inside the space station that now appears lifeless and where did its crew disappear? Find answers and repair the main on-board computer to prevent a disaster.

Players - 1-6 | Difficulty - Medium

It’s the beginning of the 22nd century. Society has collapsed amid rapid technological progress. People are modifying their own bodies extensively. Data has become the most valuable commodity on the market. Your group, made up of cyborgs equipped with special skills, has decided to steal some rare data from the archives of an influential corporation.

Players - 2-6 | Difficulty - Hard

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