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Just $5.00+hst to Play 



This is required in order to secure the events date. If we do not have enough pre-registered players, the event WILL be postponed and moved to a later date.


- Our membership portal by clicking the "signup today" button.

- At our reception desk during operational hours 11:00am to 9:00pm [ All week ]

- Pay via e-transfer to: [ be sure to note your full name in the transfer ]

Werewolf requires some players to mislead other players in order to win. The players on the Werewolf team must attempt to avoid suspicion while causing the Villagers to lynch each other. Players like the Seer require them to attempt to assist the Village in identifying the Werewolves without revealing their identity.

While playing you can choose to roleplay a certain role within the village. This is highly encouraged to make the games more interactive. You can play as anything from the village black smith to a farmer

It takes place over the course of 3 hours a night and is fun for all. We will have snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages for sale at our concessions counter!


Smash Rivals.png


There are 2 main phases of the game, NIGHT phase and DAY Phase. During these phases the villagers, roles, and werewolves get to do something.

Night Phase
The moderator will call upon the players roles in this phase. When they do those players will open their eyes and communicate silently to do their roles intended purpose. This phase consists of the werewolves killing off 1 or 2 people (depending on amount of players/werewolves). Then the other roles like Doctor, Witch, Seer, etc. get to do what their role does when the moderator calls upon them.

Day Phase

The moderator will call for everyone to open their eyes, they will then explain what happened during the night, who was killed, who was saved, etc. During this time the moderator will ask the players who wants to run for sheriff. Sheriff gets 1.5 votes and should recommend a target to vote out after the discussion is over. once discussions are done all the players will choose to vote someone off or not. If the vote is split whoever has the most votes gets eliminated and if it is tied both players die. Each Day Phase lasts approximately 5 minutes 

WITCH: The witch gets 2 potions, one to save someone and one to kill someone. The witch can only choose to save themselves on the first night.
Alpha Werewolf: The Alpha must use the word werewolf once per discussion during the day phase or they die.

Seer: The Seer can see 1 persons role per night. they can choose to share this information or not.

Drunkard: The village drunkard is not aloud to speak and can only communicate with actions like pointing, shrugging, etc. If they speak they die.

Sheriff: This is a role that is voted upon during the first day phase. Their vote also counts as 1.5 votes. 

Hunter: The hunter can kill one person when he is dead; however this cannot be used if he is killed by the witches poison.


Please Note: Our Werewolf games are a 19+ event for adults only.

Pre-Register Here / Pay via Portal Link Below

Good luck contender!

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