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2 - 4

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The game is based on a series of collectible miniatures based on actual brand name items, four of which are included to use as pawns representing the players. Players also receive three cards representing a shopping list, with three food items on each. On your turn, you roll a single die (d6) and move that amount around the board. If a space has a face-down token it is revealed, and if it is an item you need you can pick it up and put it on your list (it stays on the space if not). There are also a few "wild" tokens that can used for any item. Other spaces let you draw from a deck of cards with a variety of actions, including stealing tokens from an opponent's list. Complete a list and you get another, and the first player to complete three lists wins. Any token from a completed list is put in the center and can be collected if a player lands on an empty space; as such, the game picks up pace as it goes on as more items are readily available.


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