Join Peyton Manning in Gatorade’s Beat the Blitz, a free-to-play VR experience. You’ll test your throwing skills on the field, travel inside the body to see how hydration impacts performance and more. See you on the field.

Beat the Blitz


Lets see what you got!

Gatorade’s Beat the Blitz is a VR simulation designed to put your hydration to the test. Guided by former All-Pro quarterback Peyton Manning, you’ll battle against the effects of dehydration as you dodge blitzers in our high energy throwing skills competition. 

Together with Peyton, you’ll also take a journey inside the human body where you’ll see, firsthand, how dehydration affects your performance, starting with the heart and brain. Then, you’ll have a chance to set new high scores in a challenge designed to make you sweat. 

Beat the Blitz is one of the first football sims to use arm motion for ball movement, giving you a realistic experience in the pocket. And you’ll see how you stack up with a true-to-life sized hologram of Peyton by your side throughout. 

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Beat the Blitz
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