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What is Beat Saber?

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where you slash the beats of adrenaline-pumping music as they fly towards you, surrounded by a futuristic world.
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About Soulvaria VR's Tournament


This tournament is to be hosted on Sunday, February 23rd. The Elite Tournament will be hosted from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. The tournament is expected to last a minimum of 4 hours based on 12 participants, but can be up to 5 hours with a maximum of 24 participants!

There will be allocated time for Pizza & Pop, prize giveaways and socializing! The start of the challenge will commence between 4:00pm - 4:30pm.

There will be
1 CASH WINNER for 1ST PLACE, which will be taken from the "Pot Fee". (Approximately up to 50% of all participant revenue sold*). Also, 2ND PLACE will receive an ALL DAY VR PASS, and 3RD PLACE a FREE 1 HOUR SESSION.

First Place will also receive FREE entry into our planned
Prestige Tournament! (Date Pending)

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Pre-Registered Contender Perks


There MUST be 12 Pre-Registered Contenders for a proper Tournament to take place. There are no refunds, as Pre-Registered Contenders receive great perks at Soulvaria VR. Details Below: 

1x FREE 30 Minute Session to practice before tournament.
50% OFF 1 Hour Sessions to practice before the tournament date.

Note: The Free 30 Minute Session MUST be used before the Tournament Date, and can no be stored on your account, and the 50% OFF 1 hour Sessions perk expires December 29th! Consider being a League Member to keep perks going! Details league memberships can be found here.

If we are unable to reach our "12 Pre-Registerd" Contenders a "Downsized Tournament Mode" will be commenced. Details on this Below!

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Climb the ranks!
Survive the Elimination!
Process of the  tournament

There will be a total of two (2) Parts to the Elite tournament. The first part is a "Elimination Round" and the second part is a "Knock-out Bracket".

Elimination Round (ER)

This part of the tournament involves two (2) rounds.

The first round will be set to
‘HARD’ difficulty, and the second round will be set to ‘EXPERT’ difficulty. Both rounds will operate the same way. First, the contenders will start with the HARD round, where they will score their best on three chosen songs from the official Beat Saber library.


The songs the contenders will play in the ER will be mentioned at the start of the Tournament. These songs will not be mentioned before it.

The contenders top scores on each song will be averaged out for a collective point number. After the first round and their average is calculated they will then enter the second round of the
ER, which will operate the same as the first, but with different songs and will be set to a ‘EXPERT’ difficulty.


Once the contenders have completed the second part of the ER their averages of HARD and EXPERT will be combined together for a total collective score.

'Top Six Players' with the highest scores will move on the 'Knock-out Bracket'. This is where things get to become even more competitive!

- - -

Part 1

Pizza & Pop Include in the Tournament is Made Possible by:

Elite Class

Knock-out-Bracket (KOB)

This part of the competition will involve the six highest scoring participants from the Elimination Round (ER) to do 1v1 on two (2) songs, with the ability for each Contender to choose one out of the two songs they do battle with.

KOB will consists of a Quarter Final Round (QFR) set to a EXPERT difficulty, Semi-Final Round (SFR) set to an EXPERT+ difficulty, a Battle for Third (BF3) set to EXPERT difficulty, and the Final Round (FR) set to EXPERT+ difficulty.

Who challenges who in the
QFR will be determined by their rank placement from their high-score from the ER. However, first place and second place from the ER will achieve what's known as a “Qualifier Privilege”, where they will skip the QFR and wait for their matching opponent in the SFR.

Songs used are from the "
OFFICIAL Soundtracks".

- - -

Part 2

The First KOB round is our ‘Quarter Final Round’, exampled below:

Quarter Final Round (QFR)

- Match A: 3rd vs 5th (winner is matched to 1st place Qualifier in the SFR).
Match B: 4th vs 6th (winner matched to 2nd place Qualifier in the SFR).

After the
QFR is finished the two QFR winners will move on to the Semi-Final Round (SFR), where they will compete against the Qualifiers from the ER.

There will be two SFR matches, exampled below:

Semi-Final Round (SFR)

- Winner from Match A is matched against the 1st place Qualifier.
- Winner from
Match B is matched against the 2nd place Qualifier.

There will also be a
Battle for Third (BF3), exampled below:

Battle for Third (BF3)

- Loser of Match A from the SFR is matched against the Loser from Match B from the SFR. The winner from this will be our 3rd place champion.

Lastly the
Final Round will Commence, exampled Below:

Final Round (FR)

The Final Round (FR) match will determine the 1st and 2nd place winners, it consists of the two winners from the matches that took place in the SFR.

- - -

tournament rules

Must complete the songs fully.

No refunds for tournament signups.

No retry option, only one turn per song/round.

There MUST be a minimum of twelve (12) pre-registered participants for the tournament to commence, otherwise will need to change our tournament to a "Downsized Tournament Mode" to accommodate a smaller sized group of contenders.

If players are absent for their turn their entry will be forfeit.

Must complete the song with ‘no-fail’ turned off for the Knock-out Brackets round, QFR, SFR BF3, and FR.

The minimum age requirement to participate in this prize pool tournament is 17 years of age, unless accompanied by a chaperone that is 19 years of age or older.

downsized tournament mode (DSM)


If we are unable to get our 12x pre-registered contenders, we will have to change the tournament to a "Round Robin Mode" game mode. Everyone will play each other once for a total of 2 to 4 times (depending on the size of the group) against 4 different songs from the original sound tracks. The first 2 songs difficulties will be set to hard, and the last 2 songs difficulties will be set to Expert. the scores will be kept track of and will be added together for an average high score.


The 3 highest scoring contenders will move on to the final round where they will battle 5 staff chosen songs from the original sound track. The difficulty for this will be set to EXPERT+! The scores will be kept track of and will be averaged out for a collective score.

If a DSM mode is not favored by the pre-registered contenders we will move the tournament date to another community voted time.


- - -

* Cash Prize from Pool is Calculated the Day of the Event, which is up to a MAX of 50% from all participant's pot fee (50% of registration fee).

Which percent of the pot fee is dependent on the overall cost of the tournament, less expenses and food.

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